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Transport plays a key role both in the cohesion of the European Union and in its growth through trade with the rest of the world. Europe's transport system has been a huge success, connecting people across the continent and reducing journey times. However, as transport is a key component of our daily life, the carbon footprint of our transport activities has grown. Transport currently accounts for a quarter of the European Union's (EU) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and this figure…

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Climate Stability and the gradual neutralization of the global economy carbon footprint is considered the greatest challenge of all times. The repercussions of not acting effectively in this front can be catastrophic while any impact to the global economy is expected to be detrimental, irrespective of the prevailing scenario. No sector can be left out of this struggle despite any difficulties and particularities. This evidently applies to Shipping and even though and the International Maritime Organization (IMO), has already developed…

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